"Red, White & Blue - Let Your Patriotism Shine Through" to be your 2021 Scarecrow Contest Theme

The 2021 Theme for the Annual Saline Scarecrow Contest has been selected as "Red, White & Blue - Let Your Patriotism Shine Through".  And now the fun part - to see what the collective talents, creativity and enthusiasm of the community comes up with.

In reflecting upon the selection of this years theme, Dr. Rob Borer, aka Chief Scarecrow Curator had the following thoughts: "I consider myself to be a patriotic individual, one that is proud of my country and views it as a blessing to not only to all of its citizens but a blessing to all the countries of the world".  "The unique structure of our constitution is one of a kind in the world and has created an ability for it's citizens to lead lives filled with freedom and liberty that has created more advancement in the human condition, more inventions created, more prosperity and more upward mobility in the past 200+ years than any government has in the past 5000 years of recorded civilization."  "Something to be proud of and something to count your life blessed to be a citizen of this country".  

To keep America strong and thriving requires it's citizens to understand and appreciate the brilliant insights and thoughtful consideration that went into the structure of our government and the careful checks and balances that ensure our country allows it's citizens to remain free and to enjoy the liberty we have all grown to take for granted.

My hope is that by creating a scarecrow with a patriotic theme will encourage individuals to explore in more detail the "Constitution", the "Declaration of independence", the "Federalist Papers", the "Founding Fathers" to learn more about just how exceptional the United States of America truly is.

And the truly fun part of the Scarecrow Contest is that it is an example of what happens in a free society created by our Constitution - an outpouring of creativity, talent and ingenuity.  The truly fun part is the entries that you never ever anticipated that come from an individuals' expression of living in a free society that supports life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A new feature of this year's contest includes an "inspirational saying" you would like to have associated with your entry to help explain the nature and symbolism that you have incorporated into your creation.  This saying will be displayed by your entry itself as well as on the website where all entries are displayed.

I can't wait to see what "We The People" create for the 2021 Annual Saline Scarecrow Contest.

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