Headache & Migraine

Headache & Migraine Treatment

Every day, people across the world suffer from headaches and migraines. For many people, this has a severe effect on the quality of day-to-day life. By understanding the causes, symptoms and treatment options for headaches and migraines, you can mitigate the pain and continue living a normal life.


Headache & Migraine Symptoms

The first step to treating your headache or migraine is deciding which you are suffering from. While the symptoms of headaches and migraines are similar, there are a few symptoms you will experience with migraines that aren't present with a standard headache. If you have a migraine, you may feel these symptoms in addition to pain:

  • Sensitivity to light and loud noises
  • Sensitivity to some smells
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of vision or difficulty speaking
  • Hearing sounds which are not there

If you do not have any of these symptoms, chances are you have just got a regular headache. The good news is a chiropractor can help treat that as well.

Headache & Migraine Causes

The truth of the matter is, we do not know about a lot of the things that cause headaches and migraines. In many cases, headaches are a result of some sort of stress, whether that's emotional stress or physical stress on your neck or head. Migraines are often triggered by the stress that your life choices cause. For example, certain medications, dietary choices or even a lack of sleep could trigger a migraine. Understanding what triggers your headaches and migraines is key when it comes to preventing them in the first place.

Headache & Migraine Treatment Options

Even if you understand what causes your headaches and migraines, that does not mean you will always be able to prevent them. Therefore, it is also important to understand some of the available headache & migraine treatment options. For some people, this is as simple as taking over-the-counter pain medication to relieve pain while symptoms subside.

If you want to get rid of your migraine or headache faster, visiting a chiropractor in Saline Michigan can be a big help. Since these problems are often a result of physical stress built up in the head, neck and back, a spine adjustment from a chiropractor can provide excellent relief. The best part about opting for chiropractic headache & migraine treatment is the fact that you do not have to rely on pain medicine for relief. 

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