How To Build A Scarecrow

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Visit Borer Family Chiropractic How to Build a Scarecrow  on Pinterest for lots of creative ideas.

Design considerations that will be very helpful: 

A. Free standing (using a design feature that allows your creation to stand on its own - think straw bale or sand bag) 

vs. Attaching to a light pole, traffic pole or tree.  

It is permissible to attach your scarecrow to anything between the sidewalk and street (within reason) as long as it doesn't interfere excessively with the business that your scarecrow is in front of (please be thoughtful and considerate).  

Free standing usually allows more options for displaying your scarecrow. 

B.  Do not use materials that can decompose!  Please consider plastic pumpkins for heads instead of ACTUAL pumpkins.  Your scarecrow will be out in bad weather for 30 days and is likely to not look very good within a matter of weeks if it is made up of organic materials. 

C.  Harsh weather.  Your scarecrow will be bombarded by rain and strong winds for up to 30 days.  Sturdy and secure are good mantras to use in all construction and design considerations.  It WILL get wet, ... A LOT, so please design accordingly.

Scarecrow Building Workshops - Saline Scarecrow Contest - Dates and Locations

Oktoberfest Saline MI 2014 Saline Scarecrow Building Workshop

Saline Scarecrow Building Workshop at Saline Oktoberfest in downtown Saline

How to build a scarecrow - learn at our workshop

Oktoberfest Kids Craft Activity - Learn How to Build A Scarecrow

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