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Before coming to Borer Family Chiropractic I had been troubled with various types of headaches since 1984, over 20 years. I used to get migraines two to three times a month. Since my care at Borer Family Chiropractic I have not had one headache. My neck feels so much better and to know that migraines are a problem of the past makes me look forward to another day. Thanks Dr. Rob!

Lorrie G.
Addison, MI

Neck Pain:


I was in agony! My neck pain was so bad I couldn't function. After a week of treatment at Borer Family Chiropractic the pain was decreasing. After a month it was gone!!! Words cannot express how thankful I am for Dr. Borer and the care he provides. I highly recommend Dr. Borer to anyone considering chiropractic care. Doc is the best around!

Scott D.
Saline, MI



Since starting care I have no more back pain, no more headaches, I can move more freely without discomfort allowing me to do more stuff at my job. I mentally feel better and have more energy.

Nick G.
Saline, MI

Back Pain:


I was always in pain, in fact I couldn't remember when I didn't have pain and tension knots from between my shoulder blades, up my neck, along with constant headaches. After a month and a half with Dr. Rob I have no more pain between my shoulders, no more headaches and my hearing has improved.

Dana W.
Ypsilanti, MI



I came to Dr. Rob without much hope of avoiding neck surgery. Now, my mobility and lack of pain or numbness amaze me. I no longer take 800mg Motrin like candy and I can enjoy playing with my grandchildren without any limitations.

JoAnne Clements
Belleville, MI

TMJ (Jaw Pain):


After 5 years of chronic neck and back pain I have finally found relief. Two extended physical therapy attempts never produced the results I experienced after a few short months of seeing Dr. Rob. The pain in my upper spine is all but gone. The feeling in my arms has returned and my hands have stopped tingling. The TMJ, headaches and ear arches are gone! I truly wonder how I ever functioned before my care began. Thank you Dr. Rob for being there when I needed you most.

Alice R.
Tecumseh, MI



My 9 month old daughter had suffered from 7 ear infections over a 3 month period and I was searching for anything to help ease her pain. She was quickly becoming immune to the antibiotics. As you know after only 2 visits she was rid of her ear infections. She is now 25 months and hasn't had another ear infection since.

Stephanie D. (mom)
Ann Arbor, MI



While running for Saline cross country in the fall of my freshman year, I often experienced hip pain. Then, while running track in the spring, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the tibia. When the orthopedic specialist couldn't give my parents any explanation of what caused my injuries or any advice on how to avoid future injuries, my mom brought me to meet Dr. Sherri and Dr. Rob. While my stress fracture was healing, I began chiropractic care at Borer Family Chiropractic, and I am happy to report that I was able to resume running about half way through my sophomore cross country season - pain and injury free!

Lindsey T.
Saline, MI



Last year I found myself suddenly paralyzed on one side with an excruciating headache. I was released from the hospital able to move but still had debilitating pain and numbness resulting in the loss of my job. I saw teams of doctors who could not help me. Finally I found Dr. Borer. I must admit I was very doubtful, how could a chiropractor help. After all, I had seen some of the best doctors in the area. Well, results speak for themselves. Dr. Rob has helped me so much. After a brief course of upper cervical care I'm feeling great; No headaches, No numbness. I can't say enough about Dr. Rob Borer. Thank you!

Scott D.
Milan, MI

20 Years of Service... and counting!

Year 1 - Grand Opening! Where it all began!

2019 - 20 years later! Going strong fixing grumpy backs!

Borer Family Chiropractic was officially started in 1999.  Pictured at the left is the Grand Opening celebration with then Saline dignitaries Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell and Saline Councilwoman Alicia Ping.  20 years later the same picture was recreated with one addition and one all grown up!  Visit this page to hear about how some patients have utilized our care over a number of years to either keep their problems managed without drugs or surgery or as part of an ongoing commitment to proactively optimizing health.  20 years and counting taking care of grumpy backs!

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