2021 Scarecrows

2021 Theme - "Red, White and Blue, Let You're Patriotism Shine Through"

2021 Theme:  "Red, White and Blue, Let You're Patriotism Shine Through"

Entry #1 Bank of Ann Arbor

Entry #1

"Front Line Hero's"

by Bank of Ann Arbor

Entry #2 The Boyless Family

Entry #2

"Stars and Stripes on the Moon"

by the Boyless Family

"Neil Armstrong began his career in 1949 serving as an aviator in the United States Navy.  From an era when the title "Astronaut" was associated with those who dedicated their lives to science and space exploration, Armstrong would go on to spend 17 years working for American space agencies as an engineer, test pilot, astronaut, and administrator.  On July 20, 1969 Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon.  The televised event evoked united feelings of American pride and remains one of the most patriotic moments in our nation's history".

Entry #3 Bone Head's BBQ

Entry #3

"Scary Good Times"

by Bone Head's BBQ

Entry #4 The Brigg Family

Entry #4

"Anchor's Away"

by the Brigg Family

The Brigg's captured the iconic photo of Victory-Pacific day in downtown San Francisco, CA when a sailor scooped up a nurse in his arms amid the celebration of the final end of WW2.

Entry #5 - Saline Optometry

Entry #5

"Betsy Ross"

by Saline Optometry

Entry #6 - Miss Saline 2021

Entry #6

"Historic Hailey"

by Miss Saline 2021

"Miss Saline 2021, Hailey Malinczak is our 73rd Miss Saline. With a long standing tradition. Miss Saline supports her community and is committed to being a role model and spokesperson for Saline".

Entry #7 - Saline Area Senior Center

Entry #7

"Rosie the Riveter"

by the Saline Area Senior Center

The Saline Area Senior Center captures the #patriotism that flowed out of the Willow Run Bomber Plant as part of the "Arsenal of Democracy".  Since so many young men were in Europe and the Pacific theater engaged in active combat during WW2, the manufacturing labor to assemble B-24 bombers out of the Willow Run Bomber Plant fell to the female population, thus the birth of "Rosie the Riveter".

Entry #8 MAC's Restaurant

Entry #8

"Fresh Catch"

by MAC's Acadian Seafood Shack

Entry #9 Nu2uAgain

Entry #9

"Uncle Sam Wants You!"

by Nu2uAgainResale

Entry #10 Millio & Associates

Entry #10

"Lady Liberty"

by Millio & Associates

"The statue "Liberty Enlightening the World" has become a symbol of freedom, inspiration, hope and spirit. Though designed by a French sculptor, constructed by a French builder, and offered as a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States, it is perhaps one of the most recognizable American icons, notable for its association with welcoming "huddled masses" of immigrants arriving in New York by sea. The Statue of Liberty is thought to be inspired by the Roman goddess Libertas, who was worshipped as the goddess of freedom. She has broken chains at her feet commemorating the abolition of slavery, a tablet suggesting law and order, a crown with seven rays forming a halo representing the seven seas and the seven continents, and a torch to signify progress. In many ways, Lady Liberty represents all of us and the collective hope we have in building a better society liberty, democracy and independence".

Entry #11 - Liberty Club

Entry #11

"Lady Liberty"

by Liberty Club

Entry #12 - Dance Alliance

Entry #12

by Dance Alliance

Entry #13 - Hartman Insurance

Entry #13

"Benjamin Franklin"

by Hartman Insurance

Entry #14 - Saline FC

Entry #14

"Miss Goal Getter"

by Saline FC

Entry #15 - Dan's Downtown Tavern

Entry #15


by Dan's Downtown Tavern

"Celebrating the Most Awesome Country Ever!!!!"

Entry #16 - Saline Post

Entry #16

"Sam the Eagle"

by The Saline Post

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