Skeptical? So were these happy individuals!


Years of severe migraines have been adversely affecting my life. I came to Borer Family Chiropractic quite the skeptic. I had a migraine on each of the nine days prior to my first visit. During the first week of care I had only two mild migraines. During the second week of care I had two mild headaches. Since then, I have had only one migraine. I am so impressed and extremely relieved with my progress. I feel that Dr. Rob has given back a huge portion of my life.

Robert N.
Saline, MI


Dr. Rob Rocks! In the spring of 2004, I had a severely sore left shoulder that hampered me from doing only one thing. Unfortunately, it was one thing I love to do ... golf. After some prodding, I finally agreed to let Dr. Rob Borer check me out. After my examination, he concluded that two auto accidents that I was involved in 10 years ago had finally reared their ugly head. With my spine out of whack, I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing all the pain. Dr. Borer told me my problem could be fixed with treatment and he did not lie. One month after starting treatment, I had little pain in my shoulder. In three months, his treatments allowed me to play golf PAIN FREE. The treatment not only improved my golf scores, they also fixed some problems that would have done long-term damage to my spine if I hadn't gotten them fixed. I can honestly say I didn't believe in chiropractic before I visited Dr. Borer. But now, I can honestly say I 100 percent believe in what chiropractic is about and what Dr. Borer does. In my opinion, Dr. Rob is the best in the business.

Craig Y.
Canton, MI


Last year I found myself suddenly paralyzed on one side with an excruciating headache. I was released from the hospital able to move but still had debilitating pain and numbness resulting in the loss of my job. I saw teams of doctors who could not help me. Finally I found Dr. Borer. I must admit I was very doubtful, how could a chiropractor help. After all, I had seen some of the best doctors in the area. Well, results speak for themselves. Dr. Rob has helped me so much. After a brief course of upper cervical care I'm feeling great; No headaches, No numbness. I can't say enough about Dr. Rob Borer. Thank you!

Scott D.
Milan, MI


I was put into chiropractic care by my parents, and I was skeptical. But after 6 weeks, the asthma problems that I have been experiencing since I was 2 years old (having to use an rescue inhaler after any type of physical exertion and being rushed to the ER 1-2/year when even that didn't restore normal breathing) have completely gone away.

William D.
Ann Arbor, MI

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