I had headaches and muscle knots in my neck and upper back for over 1 1/2 years. After 2 months of care at Borer Family Chiropractic my headaches have all but disappeared and I have increased my range of motion in my neck.

David C.
Saline, MI


The price of Excedrin stock has probably been dropping since I started seein Dr. Rob! My headaches and neck pains are much less frequent and much less severe. I'm confident they will soon be a thing of the past under Dr. Rob's care. And I feel my body will thank me as time goes on, as I continue upper cervical care as a part of my general health plan.

Karen G.
Ypsilanti, MI


I used to suffer from allergies and back, neck and shoulder pain. I also had headaches that would get so bad that some days I could function normally. All of this changed after starting care at Borer Family Chiropractic. I no longer need to worry about taking pain medications or anti-histimines with me wherever I go, because I no longer need them. After only a few months of care with Dr. Borer I rarely have neck or shoulder pain, my allergies are under control without regular medications, and best of all, I can't remember the last time I had a headache!

Gina C.
Ypsilanti, MI


When I first started coming to receive adjustments, I had numerous health problems including jaw pain and severe headaches. My headaches have diminished significantly and the jaw pain is greatly reduced. I can handle my job with a clearer mind and with more energy. I look forward to continued treatment and steady improvement. Thanks Dr. Rob.

Cyndi T.
Milan, MI


Headaches used to be a very common thing for me averaging three to four times a week. Thanks to Dr. Rob I have narrowed that number down to only one since I have been his patient [six weeks]. Thanks Dr. Rob!

John H.
Milan, MI

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