2017 Scarecrow Contest Winners Announced

The Saline fall weather was punishing as ever on this year's entries in the 6th Annual Saline Scarecrow Contest, but thanks to the skills of their creators they have made it through the rain and wind and now reap the rewards.  2017 continued the "theme" trend by celebrating "Harry Potter".  The theme must have struck a favorable cord as 16 of the 21 entries had a Harry Potter theme.  Scarecrows are displayed downtown Saline, MI during the month of October from October 1st through the 31st.  Favorites are picked by popular vote.  Anyone can vote up to once per day from October 16th through October 25th.  Voting is done online.  The voting phase was shortened slightly this year so that winners could be announced at the inaugural Saline Trunk or Treat, which was held on October 26th in downtown Saline.

2017 Saline Trunk or Treat - Borer Family Chiropractic Trunk

So for those who were not able to make it to Trunk or Treat to hear the winners announced first hand, lets run through the winners now.

Categories for winners were a bit of a challenge this year with the large number of entrants in the themed category.  To avoid confusion and to encourage theme participation for future years, for the purpose of choosing winners, the theme category was merged with the other categories.  Merging the categories also gave more opportunity for those who entered the theme category to win in the category that they would have normally been entered into.  Otherwise we would have had 16 entries competing for the top three spots and all the other 12 category winners parceled out amongst 5 entries.  For future years the winners will more than likely follow this same process where there will be no difference in selecting winners whether you choose to enter with the theme or not.  Also new for next year will be a dual track winner selection process.  There will continue to be a "popular vote" track for winning.  But similar to the process used for "Art Prize" in Grand Rapids, there will be an additional "juried" track, where winners will be selected by a panel of artists based on various artistic criterion.  If you have an interest in being part of the "jury" please reach out to us.

So without further ado, lets run through the winners.

In the INDIVIDUAL Category

Soul Sucker by The Hohenbergers - First Place - Individual Category - 2017 Saline Scarecrow Contest

First Place - "Soul Sucker" by The Hohenbergers (Jessica, Tanith & Braden) - 70 Votes

Second Place - "Doddy the House Elf" by The Saline Post - 43 Votes

Third Place - "Mickey the Wizard" by The Dillons - 40 Votes

In the GROUP Category

Hermione by Saline Girl Scouts Daisy Troop 40205 - First Place - Group Category - 2017 Saline Scarecrow Contest

First Place - "Hermione" by Saline Area Girl Scouts Daisy Troop 40205 - 1537 Votes

Second Place - "Hermione with Crookshanks" by Saline Area Girl Scouts Brownie Troop 40479 - 1278 Votes

Third Place - Saline FC - 228 Votes

In the SMALL BUSINESS Category

Free Kisses by Carrigan Cafe - First Place - Small Business Category - 2017 Saline Scarecrow Contest

First Place - "Free Kisses" by Carrigan Cafe - 1150 Votes

Second Place - A&H Lawn Services - 112 Votes

Third Place - Delirium Fitness - 73 Votes

In the LARGE BUSINESS Category

Hedwig by Bank of Ann Arbor - First Place - Large Business - 2017 Saline Scarecrow Contest

First Place - "Hedwig" by Bank of Ann Arbor

Each year in leu of a lack of a "juried" category (stay tuned for next year!) the organizer and chief scarecrow curator tries to reward those whose entries show an exceptional extra effort and going above and beyond the call of duty by awarding winners in a "special category".

This years Special Category has been named:  "Most Likely to be Seen in the Next Harry Potter Movie".  The winners are:

All Are Welcome No More Secrets by St Paul UCC Youth Group - First Place - Special Category - 2017 Saline Scarecrow Contest

First Place - "All Are Welcome!  No More Secrets" by St Paul United Church of Christ Youth Group

Second Place - Saline FC

Third Place - "The Monster Book of Monster Teeth" by Pear Tree Dental

A summary of all winners with their pictures can be found here:  2017 Winners !!!

A special thanks to all who created scarecrows this year.  You made our downtown look really special and festive during the month of October.  We really hope you participate again next year.  And please tell your friends they should enter a scarecrow next year as well.

Another big thank you goes out to our sponsor for the third year in a row, Michigan Orthodontics.  Sponsorship helps us cover expenses for materials to make entries look nice and keep them upright.  Sponsorship also helps pay for promotional activities to keep you up to date on the contest and make sure you know how and when to enter and vote.  Sponsorship helps spread awareness to make the contest bigger and better and make our downtown more amazing each October.  Please consider joining as a sponsor for next year's contest.

Next year's theme will be announced sometime in the middle of summer next year.  Keep an eye out for that announcement right here on The Saline Post.  We want to give you plenty of time to create a winning entry for next years contest.  As always all details and updates can be found on the official Saline Scarecrow Contest web page.  Updates and information can also be found on our Facebook Page.  Looking forward to seeing everyone next year! 

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