Waldo appearance means Scarecrows coming soon

Waldo was recently spotted downtown Saline just the other day, which can only mean that additional straw filled creations will not be long behind.  Sure enough with the nights turning cooler, kids back in school and the leaves turning beautiful colors, the coming of fall means the return of the Annual Saline Scarecrow Contest. 

Where's Waldo?  Saline Scarecrow Contest Borer Family Chiropractic Saline MI near Ann Arbor MI

Everyone is invited to build a scarecrow with as much creativity and imagination as possible (with only a few restrictions - see "rules" on contest website) and enter it into the annual contest.

In fact anyone can enter the contest including individuals, groups, organizations, clubs and businesses of all sizes.  Businesses are especially encouraged to put their artistic hats on and create a scarecrow that complements their product or service that they provide - to display right outside of their business.

Scarecrows should be delivered to the residence of the Chief Scarecrow Curator also known as Dr. Rob Borer of Borer Family Chiropractic starting October 1st.  The address is 210 W. Michigan Ave. Saline MI 48176.  Visit the contest website for all the details and photo galleries of past entries.

Scarecrows will begin to be displayed downtown Saline starting October 1st and remain up until October 31st, so don't delay in getting your scarecrows to Borer Family Chiropractic so they can take pictures for posting on facebook, instagram and their website and then they will bring your creation downtown and attach it to a tree or lamp post in the downtown of Saline, MI for all to see and enjoy.

Voting will be taking place between October 12th and October 29th, with winners being crowned by popular vote on October 30th.  Voting can be done online through the contest website.

So help make downtown Saline a festive place to be and show off you creative talents at the same time.  Entering the Annual Saline Scarecrow Contest is easy and the materials are typically very inexpensive.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Author - Dr. Robert Borer, Upper Cervical Doctor at Borer Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Borer has been serving the Saline, Ann Arbor, Milan, Ypsilanti, Dexter area since 1999.  During this time Dr. Borer has delivered over 70,000 adjustments to the upper cervical spine developing an expertise in the analysis and correction of health related problems deriving from spinal neck issues.

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