Winners of First Annual Saline Scarecrow Contest - 2012

Scarecrow Winners - Congratulations!!

The votes have been counted and thewinners have been identified.  Congratulations to Saline Parks and Recreation for their FIRST PLACE winning entry.

2012 Scarecrow 1 by Saline Parks n Recreation 2.jpg

SECOND PLACE goes to Leo Babcock andhis "Tin Man" entry.

2012 Scarecrow 2 by Leo Babcock 2A.jpg

THIRD PLACE goes to Zoe Borer and DenisseWagner (which has taken a beating by the high hurricane winds lately)

2012 Scarecrow 3 by Zoe Borer and Denise Wagner.jpg

A special mention goes to Kevin John(yes one person, not two) for his fourth place entry - an excellent pvcskeleton creation - greatly admired by the chiropractic hosts.

2012 Scarecrow 4 by Kevin John 3B.jpg

All of the top three winners willreceive free passes to Coleman's Corn Maze

Scarecrows could be entered as anindividual or by a group, organization or business.

Interestingly, the order of thearrival of the scarecrow correlated with the number of votes received, with thefirst place winner having arrived and been in place first receiving 8 votes,second place vote getter arrived second receiving 4 votes and the third placevote winner arrived third and receiving 2 votes.  So timeliness may besomething to think about for those who may be planning on entering next year'scontest.  Check the Borer Family Chiropractic website starting in September for next year's contest.

We would like to thank allresponsible for the 4 entries that have made our front lawn and the west sideof Michigan Ave in Saline so festive this fall. 

We would also like to thank everyonethat voted for their favorite scarecrow.

And we certainly want to acknowledgeall of the sponsors who made entering and voting a rewarding experience. Everyone that entered the contest as well as voted in the contest received aspecial treat from one or more of our generous sponsors.  Dairy Queen donated free ice cream cones.  Benny's Bakery donatedyour choice of a cookie, a donut or a pretzel.  And Busch's donated a free carmel apple.  Yum!

All prizes will be mailed out thisweek - so watch your mailboxes and then enjoy!  Thanks for taking partthis year - tell your friends to join in next year.

See you all next year!  - Dr.Rob Borer, Borer Family Chiropractic

All entries can be seen on facebook as well as on the Borer Family Chiropractic website.

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