Atlas Chiropractic Art Work


Drs. Rob and Sherri Borer of Borer Family Chiropractic has challenged a group of local artists from the 212 Art Center to create pieces of art that celebrate and illustrate "Atlas" chiropractic care.

The portrayal was the only requirement of the challenge.  How to interpret the challenge was left entirely up to the artist, which led to a wide variety of visual results.Atlas_Chiropractic_Art_Work_2.jpg

Some artists chose to create objects that would hang on a wall.  Other works of art were three dimensional and stand on a flat surface.  A wide range of materials and formats were used, expressing a wide variety of creativity.

"Both Dr. Rob and I are very proud of the uniqueness of our approach to chiropractic," Sherri Borer said in a news release.Atlas_Chiropractic_Art_Work_11.jpg

"We were very excited with how the artists interpreted some of the themes that reflect the uniqueness of Upper Cervical Care, or Atlas chiropractic."

Borer said one key difference is the importance of which nerves are affected with the misalignment of certain bones of the spine.  When any bone in the spine is misaligned, you may place pressure and irritation on thousands of nerves.

However, when you misalign the Atlas bone, you may put pressure on every nerve pathway in the body, literally billions of nerves, having much more widespread effects on pain, suffering and lack of health, Borer said.Atlas_Chiropractic_Art_Work_1.jpg

The Atlas bone in the human body is similar in function and relationship to the Greek god in that the Atlas bone in the human body holds up an equally large "round" object  - the head.

Several pieces creatively depicted the god Atlas by using a wine bottle opener, finely folded paper and even a "Ken" doll.

"The results were really amazing," Rob Borer said.


"All the artists interpreted the challenge in unique ways that we've enjoyed tremendously.  We feel very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of such a wide assortment of creativity, artistry and beauty."

The artists' work was displayed at Borer Family Chiropractic for three weeks in its main reception area, where patients were able to view the artwork and cast their vote for favorite.

On Oct. 22, the top three winners were awarded prizes.  All artists who participated in the challenge received a floral bouquet as a sign of appreciation for their efforts.

The artwork also has been on display at the Saline District Library.


Amy Everett (left), Dr. Rob Borer, Dr. Sherri Borer, Sandra Suddendorf and Anne Sheill show off some of the  art created as part of a challenge they gave to artists at 212 Art Center to celebrate and illustrate "Atlas" chiropractic care.

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